The ACAM2000 Myopericarditis Registry

The ACAM2000 Myopericarditis Registry was established to monitor cases of myopericarditis among service members following receipt of smallpox vaccine. The purpose of the Registry is to document the natural history of myopericarditis, look for potential predictive factors for the prognosis of myopericarditis, and to evaluate potential risk for the development and severity of myopericarditis.

Are you eligible for the Registry?

Have you received a smallpox vaccine since March 1, 2008?

If yes: have you had any of the folowing since your vaccination?

Received a suspected or a confirmed diagnosis of myopericarditis?

Experienced chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, syncope, or dry cough, unrelated to exercise or illness?

If you answered yes to any of the diagnoses or symptoms listed above, please contact us so that we can evaluate your eligibility for entrance into the registry.

Phone:  619-553-9255 (commercial)
   553-9255 (DSN)
Email:  [email protected]